Don't overlook this opportunity to get an AED - the final link in the chain of survival.

Greg Page
Original Yellow Wiggle | Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a major cause of death in Australia

Keep the Beat Going is about:

  • Getting lifesaving AEDs into Schools
  • Empowering Schools and Communities to save lives
  • Removing the stigma and fear around using an AED in an emergency
  • Showing kids that learning about first aid can be fun!

Heart of the Nation is an initiative of Australian Registered Charity, Our National Heart – a charity founded by Greg Page, after surviving a sudden cardiac arrest.  Its aim is to promote the Chain of Survival and those who play their part in it.  After being resuscitated by bystander CPR and an AED that was available nearby, he recognises that he was in the right place at the right time.  Now, Greg Page is dedicated to ensuring that there are more ‘right places at the right time’ for more Australians, and this means making sure that ALL the links in the Chain of Survival are available, and strong, when needed.

Frequently asked questions

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